Level 1-3 Courses (15 hrs)

Learn Polish at Polish Brisbane School! We open new Polish courses at the beginning of each term. All levels include reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The emphasis is on SPEAKING. Students can practice their conversation skills from the first class thanks to carefully designed exercises including language games, quizzes and role-plays.

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Level 1: None. The course is suitable for complete beginners.

Level 2: 15 hours of recent Polish tuition or equivalent.

Level 3: 30 hours of recent Polish tuition or equivalent.


15 hours per level (10 x 1.5 hr classes)


Polish Level 1: Mondays 6.30-8pm (28 Jan – 1 Apr 2019)

Polish Level 2: Wednesdays 6.30-8pm (30 Jan – 3 Apr 2019)

Polish Level 3: Tuesdays 6.30-8pm (29 Jan – 2 Apr 2019)

Course fee

$260 per term (which is ONLY $17.40 per hour! – min. 5 students). Price includes learning materials and FREE parking.



Class content

Key vocabulary and grammar

Nice to meet you!


  • Classroom expressions
  • Exchanging greetings and introductions

  • Polish alphabet
  • Formal vs. Informal Polish
  • Conjugations (-m, -sz, -ę, -isz, -ysz)
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs być, mieć, mieszkać
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Negative and confirming questions/sentences
  • Colours

Countries and nationalities

  • Enquiring about nationality
  • Describing people



  • Talking about one’s occupation
  • Enquiring about things and people (What is this? Who is this?)


  • Describing one’s family


Free time activities


  • Talking about leisure activities
  • Expressing preferences.

  • Using basic modal verbs
  • Introduction to adverbs
  • Verbs jeść, pić, interesować się, lubić, iść, myć się, spać, musieć, pracować
  • Numbers 21-100
  • Days of the week
  • Asking/telling time

At a restaurant


  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • Talking about food preferences
  • Names of meals and drinks

My daily routine

  • Talking about one’s daily routine

At the cinema

  • Arranging meetings, making phone calls
  • Going out



  • Requesting a product
  • Expressing likes/dislikes
  • Compliments
  • Asking about price

  • Past tense: introduction
  • Verbs iść, móc, jeść & verbs ending -eć in past tense
  • Numbers 100-1000
  • Ordinals 1-24
  • Future tense: introduction

Last year

  • Talking about past events

Making plans

  • Planning events and expressing wishes

Where are you?

  • Describing locations
  • Enquiring about directions
  • Expressing opinion